Jayaram Nadar - President

Jayaram Nadar is a passionate long serving member of Tamilar with a steadfast drive to reach out to the Tamil community in Melbourne. Coming from Bangalore he has first hand experience of the efforts parents and community needs to make to pass on the gift of Tamil culture and language to the next generation. He envisions Tamilar to be a defining force and catalyst in bringing the various Tamil organisations together in Melbourne, to promote and foster Tamil heritage. He has years of experience in Automotive Design Engineering and brings in key creative and program management skills to the organisation.

Prince Kennet - Secretary

Love for Tamil, one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world made him join Tamilar since its inception. An ardent supporter of Tamil cause, he brings a wide range of experience. His passion for the language made him compile books for School children studying in Tamil Schools run by Tamilar. Prince works in Automotive Industry.

Arun Ayyappan - Treasurer

Arun Ayyappan is a founding member of Tamilar Inc., is proud to be a Tamilan and believes Tamil culture has enriched his life. Thus aspires to share the same with the fellow Tamilar and pass on the rich Tamil culture to the future generation. Arun has vast experience in managing not-for-profit organisations in Victoria. He provides administrative directives to the Tamilar Inc team and is the resident consultant on Corporate affairs. Arun is an IT consultant by profession with over a decade of experience and is credentialed with a Bachelor of Science from Victoria University.

Feroz Basha – Executive Member

Feroz Basha, a founding member of Tamilar Inc is a Tamil language fanatic and loves all things Tamil. Feroz is very passionate about nurturing the rich and vibrant culture of TamilNadu amongst the growing younger generation in Australia. Feroz strongly believes that active practising and socialising of the Tamil speaking communities, is the key to protect this ancient language and culture from fading away in Australia. That is the primary reason Feroz founded Tamilar and actively spends time for it.

Obu Ramaraj - Executive Member

Obu Ramaraj is a proud Tamilian. Having embraced the Tamil culture throughout her life, she now feels it is her time to help bring together the Tamil community – a home away from home. Obu has been on other committees before, but this one is close to her heart. She is a finance broker by profession but is very passionate about helping women become financially empowered and what better place than her own community!

Karthik Thirugnanasambantham - Executive Member

Karthik Thirugnanasambantham, a determined, fun loving, and hardworking Tamizhan from Madurai, who prides in his roots. He is also an ardent lover of music and is a good singer himself. Karthik stepped foot in Australia in 2002 and went on to complete his Masters in IT. He has always nursed a passion for Tamizh Mozhi and an undying fervour to protect Tamizh heritage and culture, in his own words “Yaam magizhintha tamizh mozhi varum santhathiyinar magizha vendum”. He strongly believes that teaching the beautiful language and culture to the future generations is the only way forward in fulfilling his dream. Hence his association with Tamizhar, an organisation that aptly aligns with his philosophy. Karthik’s vision for Tamizh is to spread awareness and create a sense of responsibility and ownership towards the ancient language, that will in turn motivate the forthcoming generations to take pride in being associated with Tamizh.


Departed From the Executive Board - Yet actively working for Tamilar behind the scenes

Ganesh Jaygan

Ganesh Jaygan is a founding member of Tamilar Inc. A patriot and a Tamil tragic Ganesh stewards the Tamilar Inc team towards achieving its objectives. Ganesh is an IT consultant with over a decade of experience and is credentialed with a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Monash University.  Ganesh brings to the team managerial acumen and an undivided passion for Tamil.

Radhika Bandhili

Radhika Bandhili, a founding member of Tamilar inc. was instrumental in the emergence of this organisation because of the strong rooted passion and love she has for the language and the tradition it holds. She prides herself in thinking and communicating in such a beautiful language and with great conviction believes that this amazing language and the culture should move on for generations to come. Spending over more than a decade in Australia, Radhika is now working as a research scientist for a leading company. She comes across as a vibrant person and a creative thinker with an undying spirit to ensure that the Tamil spirit continues to burn with fervour and pride. 

Meena Arun Kumar

Meena ArunKumar is a founding member of Tamilar Inc, being a tamilar member wants to falsify the myth "Tamil ini mella Chagum". Meena being an accountant by profession manages the Finance and Tax affiars for Tamilar Inc. Meena is credentialed with a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Financial Management from Pondicherry University, India.

Manoj Dharmaraj

  • எண்ணென்ப ஏனை எழுத்தென்ப இவ்விரண்டும்
    கண்ணென்ப வாழும் உயிர்க்கு

    Letters and numbers are the two eyes of a man

  • தீயினாற் சுட்டபுண் உள்ளாறும் ஆறாதே நாவினாற் சுட்ட வடு

    A wound caused by fire will heal, but wound caused by harsh words will never heal

  • கேட்பினுங் கேளாத் தகையவே கேள்வியால் 
    தோட்கப் படாத செவி

    The ear which has not been bored by instruction, although it hears, is deaf.

  • இருந்தோம்பி இல்வாழ்வ தெல்லாம் விருந்தோம்பி 
    வேளாண்மை செய்தற் பொருட்டு

    The whole design of living in the domestic state and laying up (property) is (to be able) to exercise the benevolence of hospitality

  • முயற்சி திருவினை யாக்கும் முயற்றின்மை இன்மை புகுத்தி விடும்

    Idleness will bring poverty

  • செயற்கரிய செய்வார் பெரியர் சிறியர்
    செயற்கரிய செய்கலா தார்

    The great do things that is difficult to be done, and the small are people who cannot do those

  • துப்பார்க்கு துப்பாய துப்பாக்கி துப்பார்க்கு  துப்பாய  துவும்  மலை

    Rain produces food and is itself food

  • ஈதல் இசைபட வாழ்தல் அதுஅல்லது
    ஊதியம் இல்லை உயிர்க்கு

    Give to the poor and live with praise, there is no greater profit to man than that

  • அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு

    As the alphabet “A” is the first of all alphabets, so is eternal God, the first in the world

  • நன்றி மறப்பது நன்றன்று நன்றல்லது  அன்றே மறப்பது நன்று

    Never forget good things done to you, it is best to forget bad things done to you the very moment

  • பிணியின்மை செல்வம் விளைவின்பம் ஏமம்
    அணியென்ப நாட்டிவ் வைந்து

    Freedom from epidemics, wealth, produce, happiness and security are the five ornaments of a kingdom

  • தம்மின்தம் மக்கள் அறிவுடைமை மாநிலத்து 
    மன்னுயிர்க் கெல்லாம் இனிது

    That their children should possess knowledge is more pleasing to all men of this great earth than to themselves

  • குழல்இனிது யாழ்இனிது என்பதம் மக்கள்மழலைச்சொல் கேளா தவர்

    The pipe is sweet, so is the lute, to those who have not heard the babble of their own children

  • இன்னாசெய் தாரை ஒறுத்தல் அவர்நாண நன்னயம் செய்து விடல்

    The punishment to those who do evil is to show them kindness and forget the evil deed done unto you

  • காலத்தி னாற்செய்த நன்றி சிறிதெனினும் ஞாலத்தின் மாணப் பெரிது

    A favour conferred in the time of need, though it be small, it transcends the earth in value 

  • ஆற்றின் அறவறிந்து ஈக அதுபொருள்
    போற்றி வழங்கு நெறி

    Know the measure of your ability and give accordingly, such giving is the way to preserve your property

  • கற்க கசடறக் கற்பவை கற்றபின் நிற்க அதற்கு தக

    Learn thoroughly whatever one may, and let ones conduct be worthy of that learning

  • ஒன்றெய்தி நூறிழக்கும் சூதர்க்கும் உண்டாங்கொல்
    நன்றெய்தி வாழ்வதோர் ஆறு

    Is there indeed a means of livelihood that can bestow happiness on gamblers who gain one and lose a hundred?

  • அற்றால் அறவறிந்து உண்க அஃதுடம்பு
    பெற்றான் நெடிதுய்க்கும் ஆறு

    If one's food has been digested by eating in moderation; that is the way to prolong the life of an embodied soul.

  • ஈன்ற பொழுதின் பெரிதுவக்கும் தன்மகனைச் 
    சான்றோன் எனக்கேட்ட தாய்

    The mother who hears her child called "a wise one" will rejoice more than she did at his birth

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