Tamilar Inc Chitirai Thiruvizha 2013 Chris Bowen, Minister of Immigration talked about 'the genius of Australian multiculturalism' and he famously said “I've seen people, proudly wearing the national dress of their homeland, clasping an Australian flag with all their might…” This passion was on display at the event organised by Tamilar Inc, a nascent not-for-profit organisation on 14th April at Finnish society hall in Melbourne to celebrate Tamil New Year day (தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு).The event attended by over 180 Tamils, ran from 5 to 10 pm and featured speeches, performance by Tamil school children, games, discussion forum and food.

Chief Guest Mr Chidambaram Srinivasan, Commissioner, Victorian Multicultural Commission and Cr. Bob Fairclough from the Wyndham City Council graced the occasion. The event was formally declared open by Mr Chidambaram Srinivasan with lighting of lamp a traditional way of opening an event. This also symbolised the arrival of the New Year and with it new hopes and warmth.

Tamilar Inc Chittirai Thiruvizha 2012Ganesh Jaygan, the President of the organisation spoke about how Tamilar Inc, was born and how the three key tenets of Tamilar namely language, tradition and culture formed the basis of the Tamilar’s objectives. He also spoke about how Tamilar Inc partnered with the Victorian School of Languages (VSL), a government school and the largest provider of language education in Australia to start offering Tamil Classes in Galvin Park SC, Werribee. He added “Twenty primary school students are enrolled in the language class and positions for term 2 are filling fast”

Commissioner Chidambaram Srinivasan, addressed the gathering and provided valuable feedback to make the organisation inclusive to the wider Australian community and to ensure there is a mutual sharing of knowledge about the cultural practices between the various ethnic groups. Councillor Bob Fairclough, congratulated the Tamilar team on the good work and passionately talked about preventing burglaries, which are on the rise in the Wyndham area.

One of the key attractions of the event was the presentation by the School children of Tamil school which also celebrated the completion of Term 1. The students demonstrated their Tamil speaking skills and thrilled the audience and parents. 

Teachers Sudha Venkatesh and Venkatesh Srinivasan described how the course is designed  to leverage the benefits of technology along with worksheets and textbooks to enhance a grasp of the language. Sudha said “the course includes a wide range of multimedia content including flash games, audio and video clips. During classes, we focus on improving vocabulary and conversational skills through songs and drama along with fun and games”. They also explained the salient features of educational web portal “Koodam” and how the teaching material and assignments are uploaded, to which both students and parents have access too.

Oh!! What an evening, it was not just talk; the audience were engaged through fun and games. While the adults actively participated in group discussion and children were busy in games.

  • ஒன்றெய்தி நூறிழக்கும் சூதர்க்கும் உண்டாங்கொல்
    நன்றெய்தி வாழ்வதோர் ஆறு

    Is there indeed a means of livelihood that can bestow happiness on gamblers who gain one and lose a hundred?

  • ஈதல் இசைபட வாழ்தல் அதுஅல்லது
    ஊதியம் இல்லை உயிர்க்கு

    Give to the poor and live with praise, there is no greater profit to man than that

  • துப்பார்க்கு துப்பாய துப்பாக்கி துப்பார்க்கு  துப்பாய  துவும்  மலை

    Rain produces food and is itself food

  • தீயினாற் சுட்டபுண் உள்ளாறும் ஆறாதே நாவினாற் சுட்ட வடு

    A wound caused by fire will heal, but wound caused by harsh words will never heal

  • கேட்பினுங் கேளாத் தகையவே கேள்வியால் 
    தோட்கப் படாத செவி

    The ear which has not been bored by instruction, although it hears, is deaf.

  • ஈன்ற பொழுதின் பெரிதுவக்கும் தன்மகனைச் 
    சான்றோன் எனக்கேட்ட தாய்

    The mother who hears her child called "a wise one" will rejoice more than she did at his birth

  • நன்றி மறப்பது நன்றன்று நன்றல்லது  அன்றே மறப்பது நன்று

    Never forget good things done to you, it is best to forget bad things done to you the very moment

  • அற்றால் அறவறிந்து உண்க அஃதுடம்பு
    பெற்றான் நெடிதுய்க்கும் ஆறு

    If one's food has been digested by eating in moderation; that is the way to prolong the life of an embodied soul.

  • குழல்இனிது யாழ்இனிது என்பதம் மக்கள்மழலைச்சொல் கேளா தவர்

    The pipe is sweet, so is the lute, to those who have not heard the babble of their own children

  • அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு

    As the alphabet “A” is the first of all alphabets, so is eternal God, the first in the world

  • செயற்கரிய செய்வார் பெரியர் சிறியர்
    செயற்கரிய செய்கலா தார்

    The great do things that is difficult to be done, and the small are people who cannot do those

  • பிணியின்மை செல்வம் விளைவின்பம் ஏமம்
    அணியென்ப நாட்டிவ் வைந்து

    Freedom from epidemics, wealth, produce, happiness and security are the five ornaments of a kingdom

  • கற்க கசடறக் கற்பவை கற்றபின் நிற்க அதற்கு தக

    Learn thoroughly whatever one may, and let ones conduct be worthy of that learning

  • ஆற்றின் அறவறிந்து ஈக அதுபொருள்
    போற்றி வழங்கு நெறி

    Know the measure of your ability and give accordingly, such giving is the way to preserve your property

  • இருந்தோம்பி இல்வாழ்வ தெல்லாம் விருந்தோம்பி 
    வேளாண்மை செய்தற் பொருட்டு

    The whole design of living in the domestic state and laying up (property) is (to be able) to exercise the benevolence of hospitality

  • முயற்சி திருவினை யாக்கும் முயற்றின்மை இன்மை புகுத்தி விடும்

    Idleness will bring poverty

  • இன்னாசெய் தாரை ஒறுத்தல் அவர்நாண நன்னயம் செய்து விடல்

    The punishment to those who do evil is to show them kindness and forget the evil deed done unto you

  • காலத்தி னாற்செய்த நன்றி சிறிதெனினும் ஞாலத்தின் மாணப் பெரிது

    A favour conferred in the time of need, though it be small, it transcends the earth in value 

  • எண்ணென்ப ஏனை எழுத்தென்ப இவ்விரண்டும்
    கண்ணென்ப வாழும் உயிர்க்கு

    Letters and numbers are the two eyes of a man

  • தம்மின்தம் மக்கள் அறிவுடைமை மாநிலத்து 
    மன்னுயிர்க் கெல்லாம் இனிது

    That their children should possess knowledge is more pleasing to all men of this great earth than to themselves

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